Spotlight 'I believe God' - The late Bishop Lewis Stallworth

Bishop Lewis Stallworth, The late Grandfather of Joel Stallworth was born on July 5th, 1923. During his 84 years of life Lewis, served in the Army, faught in WWll , raised 13 children, and maintained a mariage to his high school sweetheart for nearly 65 years. Lewis recieved his Master's degree in Psychology after being honorably discharged from service. He became a staple of the church and community by mentoring young men (Christ Temple Soldiers). The life of Lewis was inspiring to many others as well as his family. When Joel started lost in Los Angeles he made sure to pay homage to the life of his Grandfather . He printed a limited series of t shirts and crew neck sweatshirts with one of his quotes "I believe God" and "Go with God".  We wanted to spotlight his life today and share some of his acomplishments. 

 - P.s Mary and Lewis are one, when I talk about Lewis I talk about Mary.