A piece of Black History

“By any means necessary,”- Malcom X

One of the most iconic African American leaders of the civil rights movement, Malcom X overcame adversity and strived to become a well respected public figure. At the age of 6 his father, a prominent Baptist preacher was murdered by white supremist. It is possible that overcoming  this trauma is what gave him the strength to persevere and empower others. The path he rose from was not easy. Malcom was incarcerated for 6 and a half years of his life, he used this time to educate himself on the teachings of Elijah Muhammed, and find the lost nation of Islam. This enlightened him to adopt the "X" in his name, this represented the rejection to slavery. Today we celebrate Malcom's revolutionary ideas and credit him with giving birth to Black pride movements. Malcom built the foundation for the fight for racial equality. We want to highlight this pioneer in black history, and inspire people to uphold his grand vision and continue push forward against any and all odds. 

Happy Black History month from the small shop!